Our Strong Points at Sxope Capital

Speed of approval

We aren’t weighed down by institutional investors, shareholders and board members. They tend to move quickly through the approval and due diligence stages.

Access to experience

Once we are willing to fund your business, it probably means we know your market sector well. That knowledge can be useful to you – we can provide advice, not just money.

Personal involvement

Sxope Capital has a vested interest in your business’s ongoing performance because we’re investing our own money. We will try to help your business succeed.

Cash access

Your business can receive funds in a lump sum, which is great for quickly growing your business. Other forms of investment are more likely to be spread over time.


We don’t usually want control of future funding rounds. Most times, we want a simpler structure, such as taking up board seats and capital in exchange for equity. We tend to be more ‘hands-off’ than venture capital investors, giving the entrepreneur much more independence to focus on building.