Our Strong Points at Sxope Capital

Speed of approval

We aren’t weighed down by institutional investors, shareholders and board members. They tend to move quickly through the approval and due diligence stages.

Access to experience

Once we are willing to fund your business, it probably means we know your market sector well. That knowledge can be useful to you – we can provide advice, not just money.

Personal involvement

Sxope Capital has a vested interest in your business’s ongoing performance because we’re investing our own money. We will try to help your business succeed.

Cash access

Your business can receive funds in a lump sum, which is great for quickly growing your business. Other forms of investment are more likely to be spread over time.


We don’t usually want control of future funding rounds. Most times, we want a simpler structure, such as taking up board seats and capital in exchange for equity. We tend to be more ‘hands-off’ than venture capital investors, giving the entrepreneur much more independence to focus on building.

Our Values & all the Stuff that make us Stand Out


In our hyper-connected world, empathy is increasingly scarce. kindness, honesty and authenticity often lose out to speed and ego. We are owners of our reputation, our time and our capital, and when we choose to do something, we must remember that we’re allocating precious resources that aren’t easily replenished


Belief is at the root of all accomplishment. It makes weathering the hard times easier and keeps the good times in perspective because there is always more to do. We believe deeply in creating a far more equitable world than exists today, and it gives us fuel for the long road ahead.


A world where you do what is necessary not because someone asks something of you but because your internal voice says so is a world where you are empowered versus managed. It happens when your actions and intentions are so consistently high quality that they can’t be ignored. It not only empowers you, but also enables and motivates others.

Appetite for change

If it were easy, everyone would do it. While we don’t know the future, we can increasingly know ourselves: the strengths and weaknesses that make up our character. When we know these, we can make even the most difficult decisions in ambiguity and have the courage to change our minds and course correct, understanding that the path to achieving our mission is non-linear.